Haas Dandy Brush | Mini Smile Brush


The trusted brush – in a smaller package! Great for ponys and minis!

The Mahnenburste (translated: mane brush) by Haas is a great dandy brush and versatile multi-purpose brush that finds many uses. The base is 5 inches long and holds a bristle field with 2-inch-long synthetic bristles. These bristles hold their shape – or spring back into shape if crunched. They are anti-static and do not scratch.

The bristles are springy and elastic and make this brush great for sweeping and flicking dirt off the horse’s or pony’s coat. Also use as a last touch on mane and tail to create a sleek and flowing look.

How to use this brush on your horse’s coat:

  1. Thoroughly curry your horse’s coat from head to tail.
  2. Use the Haas Dandy Brush Mahnenburste ‘Mini Smile’ to flick dirt out of the coat and remove loose hair.
  3. Follow up with a body brush as described in step 3 of our 4-Step-Grooming process.

How to use this brush on  your horse’s mane and tail:

  1. Pick large pieces of hay, straw, etc. from your horse’s main by hand.
  2. Apply detangler, let dry, then use a mane and tail brush to brush out the hair in sections. (see our mane and tail instructions here)
  3. Use the Haas Dandy Brush Mahnenburste ‘Mini Smile’ to smooth mane and tail and create a flowing, beautiful look.

Size S, assorted colors, with and without ‘Smile’, Made in Germany

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