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This ergonomically shaped finishing brush by HorseHaus is the ideal tool for those, who appreciate an easier grip. It can be turned either way to accommodate your personal preference and prevent fatigue while grooming your horse.

  • ergonomic shape for grooming comfort
  • can be used either way
  • tapered end for hard-to-reach places
  • non-static bristles that horses love
  • all natural materials

The springy, medium-dense bristle field from finest quality bristle creates the perfect shine. The pointy end of the brush lets you get into all nooks and crannies and even gently brush around the different areas of the face and poll. 

Your horse will love the non-static bristle. You will love the luxurious look and feel.

Use this brush for step 3 of our 4-Step-Grooming process.

Made in Germany

Size: Medium
Color: Rosewood

Also part of our Deluxe Grooming Set “Gold”

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