HorseHaus Grooming Set “Black Onyx” | XL Brushes for Sensitive Horses


Complete Grooming Set “Onyx” by HorseHaus

This horse grooming set with 5 pieces includes everything you need to groom your horse to shine. With all black brushes, including the HorseHaus XL Finishing brush “Onyx” , the Grooming Set “Onyx” is ideal for more sensitive dark or black horses and grooms, who prefer larger brushes.

At the same time, this set will guarantee perfect grooming results for horses of all colors*.

The set includes the following HorseHaus brushes:

  1. Softer, gentler flick and dandy brush with 3 inch natural Tampico fibers
  2. Natural beech wood finishing brush “Onyx” (XL) with natural horse hair and leather strap
  3. Soft shine brush “Eclipse” with beech wood handle, ergonomic groove, and longer, natural horse hair
  4. Gentle face brush with wood handle, leather strap, and longer, softer horse hair 
  5. Plus: Curry Comb “Der Gute” by Haas

Optional: Add Haas “Diva Exklusiv” with Mattes lamb skin to remove fine dust and pamper your sensitive horse.

How to use this set: We recommend to follow our 4-Step-Grooming process for best results.

Brush sizes: XL and L, color: black, Made in Germany

*) Please note: We do not believe that any special brushes are needed for good cleaning results for horses of specific colors. However, this is a beautiful set of dark brushes you will enjoy for your dark horse or a horse of any color.

Additional information

Weight 1360.77711 oz
Add Haas Diva Exklusiv



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