Horse Wellness Articles

Equine massage and bodywork contribute to the overall wellness of a horse, but it takes a combination of other factors  to make  a happy and healthy horse and a satisfied horse owner. Combining wellness modalities with classical German horsemanship as the basis for a ‘performance-ready’ horse is what I call the Path to Performance™.

We all know the saying “there are as many opinions as there are horse people”. The articles featured on my site represent my particular point of view and are focused on a natural, integrative and classical approach. The gymnastication recommendations on this site mirror methods used in training the German cavalry horse according to the classical German Rules of Riding

(HDV12 Cavalry Manual), the basis for today’s FN guidelines, the ‘rules we ride by’ in the show ring. This type of work is most suitable for the Warmblood/Thoroughbred type horse. Depending on your horse’s type and conformation (e.g. gaited horses, Spanish type horses, draft horses) other recommendations may apply.

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  1. Listening versus Whispering – The Power of a True Dialog with Your Horse
  2. How to help prevent arthritis in your horse’s neck and back
  3. Does your horse have uneven shoulders? Causes, problems & solutions
  4. Wellness Prevents Illness: The 5 Pillars of Musculoskeletal Wellness in Horses
  5. Horse Bitting Problems – What goes on in the bitted horse’s mouth?
  6. A Sore Horse: How ‘Sore’ becomes ‘Sour’
  7. Bodywork – The Final Touch in Hoof Trimming (article in Natural Horse Magazine)
  8. How to help your horse overcome a locking stifle (upward fixation of the patella, UFP)
  9. How to Create a Horse Wellness Plan – Supporting your horses soundness.
  10. How Saddle Fit Contributes to your Horses Soundness
  11. Benefits of equine massage and bodywork
  12. Gymnasticating your horse for strength and flexibility
  13. Keep your horse flexible with active carrot stretches


  1. The Power of “BE”-time: Healing and Building Trust
  2. Pain and trauma related horse behavior issues in horses


  1. Wellness Grooming – for horse AND rider?
  2. Does my horse need a bath?
  3. Daily horse grooming 101


  1. Of Muzzle Loaders, Poets & the Art of Riding
  2. Rolling your pelvis like Elvis – and other thoughts on Rider Fitness
  3. The HDV12 – German Cavalry Manual on Training Horse & Rider (Or “What is it and why do you care?)
  4. An Invitation to Conspire with Your Horse

Saddles and Saddle Fit

  1. What makes a great saddle?
  2. Saddle Fit 101
  3. Making a come-back: The military saddle blanket
  4. Which saddle pad is best?
  5. A balanced saddle