dressage saddle with girth

Saddle Fitting

With my background in bodywork and training, I know how important proper saddle fit is. After all, the saddle is the interface between rider and horse. The fit can ‘make or break’ a trusting, successful horse/rider relationship. 
Besides, improperly fitted saddles lead to discomfort, resistance and even lasting physical ailments in the horse.
  • As an independent saddle fitter, I will evaluate any saddle you use or intend to purchase in an in-depth saddle fitting session.
  • As a certified Passier® saddle fitter, I will work with you and your horse to create a custom fit that meets your and your horse’s needs. 
  • I offer routine maintenance flocking and custom-flocking services for your wool-flocked saddles (no matter the brand)
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1-Day Clinic “SADDLE FIT & BODYWORK – A path to sustainable wellness”. Mary Kate Henry and Stefanie Reinhold walk you through the basic principles of saddle fit and muscular soundness. We will “arm” you with enough knowledge to spot the main saddle fit issues and address saddle-induced soreness in your horse. 
This seminar is right for: Any horse owner or rider with questions around saddle fit and the effect on the horse’s body.

The PATH TO PERFORMANCE™ seminars are an enjoyable exploration into ‘can do’ for your horse. You bring your obstacles and challenges and we’ll work through the three pillars Relaxation – Suppleness – Strength. Our goal: Improve the way you and your horse experience your activities together and the results you will get. Furthermore, we will touch on common (and not so common) behavior problems and find non-confrontational solutions. You will walk away with a deeper understanding on how to support your horse, build a better partnership, and reach your goals. At the same time, you ensure your horse’s mental, emotional, and physical wellness.
This seminar is right for: Horse owners and riders, who would like to ‘go back to basics’ to ensure sustainable wellness for their horse.

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