Jimmy Dean – cool as a cucumber (in 100 degree weather)!

It’s sizzling hot in Wisconsin and Jimmy Dean (nicknamed ‘the sausage’), stays cool as a cucumber in 100 degree weather! With a registered name ‘Good Lord I’m Sizzlin’ I guess 100 degrees does not feel all that hot to Jimmy.

This morning – on his way to an early morning cold shower – Jimmy patiently followed me and Yank out of the pasture and across the street to the farm, when a vicious B-52 bomber (also called the Midwestern Horse Fly, a black, gigantic monster with fangs!!!) kept landing on Yankee’s back again and again, determined to take a good chunk out of him! I panicked and started slapping Yankee on the back to try and hit the monster fly, while Yankee kept snapping and nipping his sides and starting to circle a bit, not due to worry about the fly but because I kept slapping the bejeezus out of him to ‘rescue’ him from the biting insect… There was a bit of commotion in the drive way for a while when the three of us danced around the attacker. JIMMY DEAN – cool as a cucumber – stayed a calm onlooker and just went with the flow the entire time! He never once flinched, hopped or showed any other sign of unease. Jimmy, what a guy you are!! (and Yank, you are the man…, of course!)

That’s all for today, folks. Too hot to trot for any of us. Stay cool!

This is what Jimmy Dean thinks of the hot sizzling weather

This is what Jimmy Dean thinks of the hot sizzling weather

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