Jimmy Dean – mellow as molasses! Day 8

Sunday was a good day for Jimmy Dean. It was not too hot and a few sprinkles helped freshen him up during the workout. Jimmy Dean stayed cool and collected when Yankee dashed to the gate when called and made sure not to overexert himself, traveling at snail pace to the gate, steady like a stream of molasses pouring down on your pancake.

After a brief bodywork session focusing on the front end and some gymnastics (trot/canter) in the roundpen on Saturday, Jimmy seemed more relaxed during his exercise today, stepping out a little more and just being a bit more at ease. He picked up his front legs during the canter a bit instead of just moving them out stiffly without bending as he had done a week ago. He willingly accepted the snaffle bit into his mouth and was calm as can be until we stopped and I came at him a bit in a hurry and caused him to run backwards a few steps, raising his head and flaring hist nostrils. Sudden movements scare him, he’ll have his reasons… I made some more hasty movements towards him (hope noone was watching, ehem), flapping like a bird and twirling the longe line around until he felt at ease.

Plans for this week: stay cool, work early in the morning, come out with ‘The Country Today’ reporter Carole Roche on Friday to meet Jimmy, get Jimmy’s feet trimmed.

Stay tuned and keep sending those encouraging, uplifting, positive thoughts!!!

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