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Teaching ‘the Seat’ 0

Teaching ‘the Seat’

The (nearly) lost art of teaching fundamental concepts When it comes to riding instruction – especially around the difficult task of teach ‘the seat’ – how would you finish the sentence: “I wish….”??? I...


No bridle, no problem!

How bitless isn’t all the rage… Every horse is different – when it comes to mouth shape and sensitivity. Some horses simply cannot make peace with a bit, others are bothered by a bridle....

Senior Horses: When it’s Time to Let Go 11

Senior Horses: When it’s Time to Let Go

Letting go of your senior horse is a tough decision. We need to ask ourselves: What is the horse’s quality of life? Am I asking him/her to hold on for my sake or his/hers? Letting go can be the last kind act, the last service to our beloved equine companion. Here is a personal account on how this last service was thoughtfully and lovingly carried out.