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This 8-Piece Horse Grooming Set “Eclipse” features bristles that are most suitable for chestnut or sensitive horses. The bristles in “Grundy’s Finest” are extra long and slightly softer than other finishing brushes. A softer massage curry, the softer head brush “Schmusebürste” and the luxuriously soft “Diva” feel good to your sensitive horse. 

A red color scheme and the effective dandy and finishing brush “Amazone” make this set a wonderful choice for chestnut horses.

Bring out the shine with this wonderful grooming set. A small, softer head brush and the soft, luxurious “Diva” make this set complete.

The Set Contains:

  1. Finishing brush “Amazone”
  2. Shine brush “Grundy’s Finest”
  3. Dandy brush with extra long bristles 
  4. Dust and shine brush “Diva”
  5. Small horse head and face brush with white, softer bristles
  6. Curry Comb “New Generation’ with softer massage feel
  7. Curry Comb “Der Gute” for stubborn mud and cleaning your brushes
  8. Handy mane and tail comb

We recommend to follow our 4-Step-Grooming™ Process.

Made in Germany

NOTE: Please know that we feel this set is perfect for horses of any color, but especially caters to the sensitive horse. Due to its shine-enhancing properties and red color scheme, this is a very good choice for the sorrel or chestnut horse.

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