Horse Grooming Set “Gold Trio”


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Elegant, matching horse brushes

Three wonderful, natural horse brushes in beech wood with rosewood stain in a matching set.

1 body brush “Gold” with raised edge
1 goat hair body brush “Gold”
1 mane and tail brush “Kombi” in rosewood
   Optional: 1 soft body brush “Ellipse”

Use the large bilevel body brush with a raised edge to remove dirt and dust from your horse’s coat. The raised edge helps flick off debris and dander. A perfectly spaced natural bristle field lets your horse’s coat shine.

Follow up with the super soft goat hair body brush to remove fine dust and pamper your horse. This brush is also perfect for last-minute ringside touch ups.

Brush your horse’s mane, tail, and face with the two-sided “Kombi” brush. One side has steel pins in a durable rubber cushion, the other a natural, medium-firm bristle field that feels good to the horse.

How To use these brushes:

1. Thoroughly curry your horse’s coat and follow up with a dandy brush. (See our 4-Step-Grooming process)

2. Brush in long strokes with the body brush “Gold” to remove dirt and dander and distribute oils that make the coat shine.

3. Follow up with the super soft goat hair body brush to remove finest dust, increase shine, and pamper your horse.

4. Use the bristle side of the mane and tail brush to remove dander from the crest and dock and brush the horse’s face. 

5. Use mane and tail detangler to soften your horse’s mane and tail, then use the steel pin side of the mane and tail brush “Kombi” to detangle.

Please also read “How To Groom Your Horse’s Mane and Tail“.

Materials: FSC-certified beech wood with non-toxic rosewood stain, horse hair, goat hair, leather, elastic, brass, rubber, steel

Made in Germany

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