Jimmy Dean’s Friday: Massage and Bodywork

Yesterday it was Friday again… time for a massage and some Masterson Method Bodywork. This time Jimmy was even more accepting and cooperative. His poll, neck and cervical/thoracic junction, however, still feel uncomfortable enough to threaten a nip or shake the head assertively. Jimmy’s poll is very tight, soft tissue around the Atlas very hard and sensitive during massage and C3-C5 (neck vertebrae) seem stuck and unrelenting. After the third time working up and down the neck, nipping attempts stopped and Jimmy showed signs of release (licking and chewing, snorting) and I let him just digest the bodywork for a moment.

Sweat Spots Left Side

Sweat Spots Left Side

While I took notes and pictures, Jimmy stood still like a statue, as if in a ‘zone’. I noticed distinct sweat spots in the same areas he sweated during the last bodywork session.

Sweatspots Left Side

Sweatspots Left Side

(For an in depth explanation go to Jim Masterson’s blog and search for ‘sweat barrier’.) At the end of his bodywork session he really enjoyed a good rub of his left hindquarters which elicited several non-stop yawns.

Back in the pasture he merrily trotted towards the herd and was greeted by his new ‘main squeeze’, the white pretty little mare, who came running to greet him.

Jimmy Dean, you’ve got ‘the life’!!!

Stay tuned for the next episode:  Jimmy Dean under saddle (without rider)

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  1. It is a very important thing to massage horses along with well, any animal. I massage my dog and cat, I can always see an improvement in their health after a massage!

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