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Safe & Fun: Carrot Stretches!

Stretching with the aid of a treat – usually carrots – is a great way to keep your horse flexible without causing any damage. So-called “Carrot Stretches” can be found all over YouTube and...

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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

…In the Barn & Beyond Gratitude. It’s been quite a few years that this powerful concept – thousands of years in the making – has moved into the spotlight of our consciousness. From Oprah...

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5 Things to Know about Shedding Time

It’s Shedding Time! What’s there to Know? Twice every year your horse changes his coat—from thin summer coat to thick winter coat and vice versa. In the spring, our horses are shedding their thick...


The “Cinchy” Horse

Having a cinchy horse can test the patience of many a rider, especially since we can often
not put our finger on the reason. Is it bad behavior? Is it something we are doing wrong when saddling? Is my horse in pain?
Is it a ‘bad memory’? Or ill fitting tack?

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Caring for Your Horses’ Hooves

How to Care for Your Horses’ Hooves The old saying ‘no hoof no horse’ gains special significance in the winter, when elements, cold temperatures and wetness can contribute to hoof decay. Here in the...