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A soft finishing brush to put on that amazing shine!

This soft brush for horses with an elliptical shape has an ergonomic grip groove and is easy to hold. The longer, softer bristles on this brush feel good to your horse and remove dust and fine dirt all over the body. With its soft feel, Ellipse is especially suitable for sensitive horses and can also be used on your horse’s face.

  • Ergonomic grip groove
  • Longer, softer bristles
  • Great to create shine and remove dust
  • Feels good to sensitive horses
  • Also use on your horse’s face and head
  • Bristles stay nice and ‘springy’!

How to use this brush:

    • We recommend to use Ellipse as step 3 in our 4-Step Grooming process or right after Step 3 to remove excess dust and buff the coat.

Available in the following colors to match our other HorseHaus brushesRosewood (Gold), black (Onyx) 

Please store this brush on its side or bristles up to maintain an even, springy bristle field.

Materials: Best-quality horse hair mix, FSC-certified beech wood back with non-toxic stain

Made in Germany

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