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The Optimum is an exclusive, especially horse-friendly dressage saddle that has been the choice of professional riders and serious amateurs alike. 

The advantageous cut of the saddle ensures that the rider sits in the perfect riding position and the narrow twist guarantees excellent contact with the horse. These are the core features of the Optimum dressage saddle.

Of course the saddle is especially horse-friendly:

  • The freedom panels provide greater freedom for the withers and
  • The point billet arrangement keeps the saddle firmly in place

Natural Grip leather
Seat, knee inserts, and panels: Selloil leather

PS saddle tree with wider rear end, point billet, Freedom panels


  1. Seat sizes: 16 to 19
  2. Gullet plate width: 27, 27.5, 28, 28.5, 29
  3. Colors: Black, Havana, Teak (no Natural Grip leather, only European Calf leather)
  4. Premium Crystals (pick color) are included upon request (placement see image)
NOTE: The CONFIGURABLE saddle (online order) is only available in the above options and respective combinations. A CUSTOM saddle (sold through professional, certified Passier fitters) will have many more options available, including decorative items and color combinations as well as tree sizes, for example.
SADDLE ADJUSTMENTS: All Passier® saddle trees are adjustable by a professional craftsperson. To make adjustments to your configured saddle after your receive the saddle, please contact your Passer® fitter.
RETURN POLICY: Configured saddles are NOT returnable as they are made to order. In individual cases, depending on the respective demand for your individual saddle, we may repurchase the new and unused saddle from you, as long as it has not shipped out to you yet. In this case, a restocking fee of 15% applies. 
DELIVERY TIMES: As of summer 2023, delivery times for configured, made-to-order Passier® saddles is about 12 weeks from the order date. By purchasing this saddle, you agree to the possibility that his time may be slightly longer by up to 4 weeks. 


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