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Small Head Brush – Gentle & Colorful

Your horse, pony, or mini needs a soft feel when you brush their sensitive face. Therefore, you need a horse face brush with a gentle feel in a manageable size. The Haas face brush “Schmuseburste” for horses, ponies, and minis offers a softer natural bristle field. Its small, handy size packages cleaning power into a small foot print. Various colors bring joy into your grooming box.

The natural bristle mix is soft enough to feel good and still cleans in hard-to-reach places around your pony’s, horse’s, or mini’s sensitive face.

  • Fun colors
  • Small, handy size
  • Elastic handle
  • Synthetic back for easy care
  • Softer, natural bristle field

With the synthetic back, this horse face brush is easy to clean and an elastic handle keeps it firmly in your hand while you groom your horse.

We recommend to use our 4-Step Grooming™ process.

Your horse will love it!

Size: S

Made in Germany

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