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Safe & Fun: Carrot Stretches!

Stretching with the aid of a treat – usually carrots – is a great way to keep your horse flexible without causing any damage. So-called “Carrot Stretches” can be found all over YouTube and...

Teaching ‘the Seat’ 0

Teaching ‘the Seat’

The (nearly) lost art of teaching fundamental concepts When it comes to riding instruction – especially around the difficult task of teach ‘the seat’ – how would you finish the sentence: “I wish….”??? I...

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5 Ways to Practice Gratitude

…In the Barn & Beyond Gratitude. It’s been quite a few years that this powerful concept – thousands of years in the making – has moved into the spotlight of our consciousness. From Oprah...


3 Ways to a Stronger Bond

  How to Bond with Your Horse 3 Do’s and Dont’s for a Better Relationship After many successful rehab experiences with horses that had ‘people problems’, and 7 years of working with ‘airs above...


No bridle, no problem!

How bitless isn’t all the rage… Every horse is different – when it comes to mouth shape and sensitivity. Some horses simply cannot make peace with a bit, others are bothered by a bridle....


How to Interact With Horses

Domination, intimidation, confrontation, anthropomorphism… and the effects on your horse. In this article, we will briefly explore how our ‘frame of mind’, interaction and communication styles affect our horses – mentally and physically! Watching...

How to Care for Leather 0

How to Care for Leather

Caring for leather like boots and saddles can keep your tack and leather items functional and beautiful for a long time. Read how!

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Can Grey and White Horses Shine?

A shiny coat – (almost) every horse owner dreams of a shiny coat. Whether we look at old paintings or photographs, show footage or horses in our environment, a horse with a shiny coat...