The World’s Best Grooming Brushes

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  • Determine your budget
  • Determine your requirements >>>
  • Determine your horse’s requirements >>>
  • Write all requirements down

GREAT HORSE BRUSHES (Is there such a thing?)

You made up your mind: It is time to get new horse grooming brushes and you want to get the best. Enthusiastically, you enter “best horse grooming brushes” into your search engine. There we go….

Surprise! There is an overabundance of offerings, opinions and claims, not to speak of a variety of tools – many of them synthetic (we will learn why this is bad).

In your quest to find the “world’s best horse brushes”, ask yourself (and make a list!):

  1. What is the most important factor for you, personally? (brushes that look good, work well, are washable, are environmentally friendly, durable, not made in Asia,… Make a list!)
  2. What type of horse do you have? What are your horse’s needs? (sensitive, thin coat, soft coat, coarse coat, lives in warm climate, gets winter coat,… )

soft horse face brush

Now. Here you go. You have a budget (if applicable) and a list with requirements. You can now quickly scan through different offerings and determine, whether a specific brand meets your needs.

When I first shopped for Horse Brushes in the USA some years back,  I had a hard time finding anything that was NOT Made i China and NOT made of Synthetic Material. Brushes of good quality made from environmentally sustainable materials seemed way overpriced and tailored to a small market segment. I was frustrated and determined to change this.

Importing higher-quality brushes from Europe seemed the only option. When I searched for brushes to include in my offering, I was led by requirements of my own:

  • Made in Europe or USA
  • Made from environmentally sustainable materials, wherever possible
  • Offer superior function and traditional design that would guarantee results
  • Have an aesthetically pleasing appearance (yes, brushes can be beautiful)
  • Can be offered in a variety of styles to meet different customer and horse needs

How can you find really good horse brushes? Which ones are the very best horse brushes?

horsehaus brush

HorseHaus – We Got This!

Creating your own brand of horse brushes is an exciting adventure. You get to pick what works. And it does. No worries. We got this!

mane and tail brush durable

Mane & Tail Brush “Kombi”

“The end of lost or crooked bristles…”

  • Beech wood
  • Patented AirLastic rubber cushion
  • Natural bristles
  • Durable steel bristles

horse brush made in germany

Body Brush “Gold”

Love. Use. Appreciate.

  • Beech wood with rosewood stain
  • Natural bristles
  • Raised edge for improved action
  • Leather strap

Grooming Brush Set “Gold Trio”

“Tough One”

When winter hits. I’m there for you.

  • Beech wood
  • Natural plant-based bristles
  • Leather strap
  • XL


Just give our HorseHaus™ brushes a try and see how you like them. If you are not absolutely pleased, you can return them within 30 days.

TIP: Our brushes work best when used with our signature 4-Step-Grooming Process™. A little elbow grease and the right technique, paired with “the world’s best horse brushes” will get results and make you and your horse very happy.

Enjoy your horse!