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3 Ways to a Stronger Bond

  How to Bond with Your Horse 3 Do’s and Dont’s for a Better Relationship After many successful rehab experiences with horses that had ‘people problems’, and 7 years of working with ‘airs above...


How to Interact With Horses

Domination, intimidation, confrontation, anthropomorphism… and the effects on your horse. In this article, we will briefly explore how our ‘frame of mind’, interaction and communication styles affect our horses – mentally and physically! Watching...

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Can You See the Real Me?

“Riding is not about “riding”.  It is about everything that happens before we even get to the mounting block.” A guest blog article by Horse Behavior Specialist Anita Kush In my practice as a coach...


The “Cinchy” Horse

Having a cinchy horse can test the patience of many a rider, especially since we can often
not put our finger on the reason. Is it bad behavior? Is it something we are doing wrong when saddling? Is my horse in pain?
Is it a ‘bad memory’? Or ill fitting tack?